Long & Silverman Publishing, Inc. is an independent press committed to producing the very best in business, personal finance, and self-improvement products. Our mission is to deliver quality merchandise and services that help our clients grow their businesses as well as enable individuals to achieve outstanding performance and well-being. We strive to tear down barriers and increase opportunities for dynamic authors with powerful messages to be heard. L&S discovers exciting works that reflect unique paradigms of thought. We pride ourselves on choosing books that will contribute to our customers in meaningful ways.

L&S remains firmly committed to our authors and the books we publish. To this end, we devote substantial advertising, resources, and personnel to actively promote our titles. We acquire our customers through a unique marketing proposition and keep them by providing a broad portfolio of top-quality products and services. We sell to individuals who share common interests and groups with strong ties to their members such as professional societies, associations, sales, financial, and sports organizations. We are able to leverage our large customer base by cross-selling an increasing number of additional products and services into our existing relationships. The services from our business lines are integrated to produce a seamless value chain for distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers.

L&S’ marketing is founded on the premise that creative print and broadcast efforts, promotions and events should educate prospective buyers as well as entice them to visit our authors’ websites. That is why, even before purchasing, many of our first time customers benefit from membership in author e-zine clubs. On the retail side, a comprehensive effort is underway to get closer to our customers by providing information tailored to their individual situations, plus advisory services and web-based tools to help analyze their needs and goals.

The direct-to-customer segment of our business sells products through our author e-commerce websites and direct mail catalogs to our proprietary customer list. The principal concepts in both retail and direct-to-customer marketing efforts are:

Our most important strategy remains the building of our brands. The L&S family of products provides companies with attractive premium add-ons to augment their services and benefit their clients.

Our personnel is invaluable to us. Not only the leadership team, but every single member of our professional staff plays a key role to the ongoing success of L&S. We share a common passion and relentless pursuit of excellence. We have fostered this spirit into our corporate culture. Our management combines business-specific expertise and industry knowledge to meet our clients’ needs for comprehensive solutions. Board members are chosen for their experience, knowledge and willingness to be actively engaged in the ethical operation of the company.

We have built a strong organization that is well positioned for growth. The strength of our company is based on a focused dedication to serving. We look forward to sharing our future success with you.

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