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It is a legal requirement to obtain written permission to reproduce any L&S work in any form. Please be aware that “Fair Use” is based on how the text is used, and not the number of words. If you have any question as to whether or not the material qualifies as fair use, you must contact us in advance.

We grant permissions only in writing upon receipt of detailed written requests. You may email or fax your request to the attention of the permissions department at (509) 275-9448. You should note that immediate requests mandate additional charges that will vary. It is therefore imperative that you begin the permissions process as early as possible.

Guidelines for Submission of Permissions Requests:

The following information is required:
  1. Title and author of the book you wish to use.
  2. ISBN number of the book you wish to use.
  3. Excerpt(s) you wish to use, including page numbers. Photocopies are not required.
  4. State the proposed use. For example, if in a publication, state the author, title, publisher and proposed date of publication in which the material will be used. We do not allow changes to the original work(s).
  5. Rights you are seeking–North American, world English, U.S. only, etc.
  6. Approximate size of the first printing and price of the book.
  7. Your detailed contact information, including phone number.
  8. Please provide any other information that may be important in evaluating your request, such as its purpose or its source, e.g., a non-profit institution.

Incomplete requests will not be processed. It will take approximately 3 weeks from the date of your request to receive a response. The time frame varies depending on the number of requests waiting to be processed. Each request is evaluated on an individual basis and in most cases a fee will be charged. As a policy, we do not discuss fees prior to permission being granted.

All requests should be directed to:

Permissions Department
Long & Silverman Publishing, Inc.
800 North Rainbow Boulevard, Suite 208
Las Vegas, NV 89107-1103

You may also email or fax your request to the attention of the Permissions Department at (509) 275-9448.

For translation, merchandising, film, or other dramatic rights, please email detailed requests to our subsidiary rights department.